Preparing ourselves for Moshiach


The Shiurim are divided by level, rather than age, in both נגלה & חסידות.


In following of the Rebbe’s directive on many occasions, the learning of practical Halacha is taken very seriously. To this end, we have created an entire department for Halacha, run by a ת”ח & בעל הלכה hired specifically for this purpose. The goal is to complete the entire אורח חיים in the Alter Rebbe’s שולחן ערוך (vol. א,ב,ג & ד) in the course of two years. Where it is necessary, the הלכות are learned more in depth, with reference to the sources & other פוסקים.

In addition, a curriculum is prepared where different Rabbonim in town come in to discuss various aspects in different areas of Halacha that come up in practical situations.


A strong emphasis is placed on guiding a בחור in the עבודה of תפילה, being that this is the basis of Chassidus. The משפיעים keep an eye out on the בחורים when they Daven, and then have private discussions with them on improving their עבודת התפילה according to the teachings of Chassidus.

There are also (optional) Shiurim geared to how to practically apply the teachings of Chassidus on תפילה.

ענייני משיח וגאולה

Besides the שיעורי משיח arranged by the Shluchim outside of Seder, there is a strong emphasis placed on connecting every aspect that we learn to the only שליחות of our generation. There are also different practical הלכות pertaining to משיח that are expounded upon from time to time during Seder itself.

General & specific Hadrocho

There are general tests on a weekly & monthly basis, which are used to recognize where the בחור is holding, and in which areas of his learning he needs to concentrate more. The marks are discussed with the בחור as well as his parents.

In addition, each בחור is called over on a regular basis, for a talk with the Rosh Yeshiva as well as the Mashpia, during which he recieves guidance as to which areas of his learning, Davening, and עבודה need improvement.          

ופרצת - Preparing the world for Moshiach

  1. On Friday afternoons the בחורים visit Jewish stores and offices, in order to promote the Rebbe’s מבצעים.
  2. From time to time the Yeshiva spends Shabbos with  Shluchim & their communities, bringing them aditional spirit & Chayus.
  3. On Shabbosim, Bochurim are sent  to Chazer Chassidus in Shuls throughout the city.
  4. During the course of the week, there are set times for learning with בע”ב and younger boys.
  5. The בחורים are involved in holiday awareness programs in the Jewish day schools, as well as other programs for children and adults.
  6. All of the מבצעים programs are supervised & guided by the members of Yeshiva’s Hanholo. This enables the בחורים to learn the proper way that the Rebbe expects us to do מבצעים.


  1. One of the basic foundations of Chassidishe Chinuch is the Chassidishe Farbrengen. We generally have Farbrengs on Thursday nights, Shabbosim and Chassidishe Yomim Tovim.
  2. The Farbrenger is either one of the Yeshiva staff, or often a local רב or שליח.
  3. At the Farbrengens the בחורים say L’chaim only under the supervision of the Hanholo, who use the strongest measures to enforce the Rebbe’s G’zeira of not drinking more than 4 small Keliskelach.
  4. The Farbrengens encourage and promote an enjoyment of learning and Davening, Ahavas Yisroel and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe; all in the spirit of the living with Moshiach and preparation for his immediate Revelation.

Chassidishe Hanhaga

  1. בחורים are expected to behave, speak & dress at all times, in a manner that is befitting for a תמים – a תלמיד  of the Rebbe’s Yeshiva.
  2. The Menahel & Mashgiach make it their buisness to constantly be aware of every Bochur’s behaviour, as well as his שמירת הסדרים.
  3. If a Bochur is lax in one of the above, the Menahel will work with him on rectifying the problem, and if necessary resort to either positive incentives or disciplinary measures, according to how he sees fit.
  4. There is a record kept of every בחור’s attendance, marks and behavior of which the parents and בחורים are kept informed of on a regular basis.
  5. At frequent intervals, the Hanholo discusses each Bochur’s מצב with him privately, and guides him in the proper direction.